Our products are created using the finest products available.  They are all grown in USA and are double blind tested using 2 different testing facilities completely independent from one another.  We use high quality MCT Oil for bio availability and a higher absorption rate.  Many other companies use hemp seed oil or palm oil which is cheaper and does not deliver nearly as well. We use industrial grade Hemp for a full spectrum oil that is grown in California and must pass the strictest quality guidelines in the industry.  We use the most raw, yet beneficial form of hemp extract. The terpenes, plant fats, lipids, and phytocannabinoids remain present in the finished oil.  Our extraction methods are some of the top in the industry.  We use Kosher 190 proof sugar cane alcohol for extraction. Unlike CO2, Alcohol extraction maintains the entourage effect and keeps more terpenes in the finished oil without being unhealthy.